Big Red Chili and Hot Dog Sauce

Bloemer’s Big Reds Chili & Hot Dog Sauce is a fully prepared and ready to eat chili product.  It is best on hot dogs, nachos, baked potatoes, french fries or over spaghetti in a traditional bowl of chili.  It is sold frozen and packed in 12 oz. containers for retail grocery sales as well as a 4.75 lb. tub for food service.  

The 12 oz. is available at Kroger, Laurel, Save-a-Lot and other regional grocery retailers.  If your neighborhood grocery does not have it, please ask for it!











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Since 1919, we at Bloemer Food Sales Co. have offered a variety of delicious food products ranging from our famous Chile Base to our new Taco Seasoning. Enjoy touring our site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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